Broncolor unveils the Litepipe P: A versatile wand-style light shaper

Swiss flash manufacturer Broncolor has introduced a new wand-style light shaper called the Litepipe P: a “powerful, versatile and dismountable” flash accessory that can be used to create an ambient light effect, or as a long thin softbox when fitted with the included reflectors.

The light-shaper is basically just a roll-up sheet of diffuser that fits over a flash head using a Broncolor bayonet mount bracket. The flash tube fills the ‘pipe’ with light which, is then diffused in all directions perpendicular to the source.

“Due to the long construction of the Litepipe P, the use of a boom stand or a ceiling mounting is not necessary. Also, in defined spaces or with deep ceilings, the Litepipe P is more practical than bulky softboxes,” explains Broncolor. “Disassembled, the Litepipe P packs down to half its size, which makes it possible to pack it into a practical transport bag.”

The LitePipe comes with a pair of reflectors that wrap around the pipe and attach with Velcro to control the direction and intensity of the light, leaving a wide or narrow slit for the light to emerge from. When assembled, the pipe is 49.2in long and 6.7in in diameter, but it packs away into a 23.7×8.7×8.3in bag for transport.

The Broncolor Litepipe P costs 992 Swiss Fr/£784 (approx. $1,000). For more information visit the Broncolor website.

Press Release

Introducing the new Litepipe P…

With Litepipe P, broncolor launches a real innovation in the market of professional lighting systems.

Powerful, versatile and dismountable – this makes the Litepipe P the ideal companion for any photographer in the studio and on location.

Consisting of only five components, this revolutionary, lightweight light shaper is mounted and ready for use in just 60 seconds.

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