Vitec Attempts to Reinvent the Tripod with the Sachtler and Vinten Flowtech 75

By Randall Esulto

Even the classic tripod has room for improvement.

As James Guest of Cinema5D explains in this video, Vitec wanted to build upon its long history of creating broadcast and ENG equipment to improve upon the current design of today’s tripod—a tough feat to accomplish with such a ubiquitous piece of gear. To do so, the company paired up two of the brands under its umbrella, Sachtler and Vinten, to create the Flowtech 35. As Guest explains, they focused on three key areas:

  • Ergonomics
  • Portability
  • Speed of deployment

Ergonmics & Deployment Speed

One of the key features of the Flowtech 75 is the addition of three paddle levers at the top of the tripod that control the extension of the tripod legs and thus the height of the tripod. This positioning helps to aid deployment speed because they are all close together, which means you can adjust them all simultaneously. The levers are located near the tripod head and the camera, so they are convenient to get to since your hands are in that region of the tripod already.

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