7 Reasons Why “Skyfall” is The Best James Bond Movie Ever

By Chad Durham


There are many well-made, cleverly plotted James Bond films in the 26-film, 55-year history of the British spy. Though the series relies heavily on specific tropes and some contrived elements, that has not stopped filmmakers from creating entertaining and interesting cinema through the years. Within the Bond oeuvre, there are many personal favorites that film buffs and Bond aficionados argue are the “best” Bond film.

For some with more traditional leanings, the choice may be Goldfinger or From Russia With Love. For others with a little more independent sensibility, it may be On Her Majesty’s Secret Service or Live and Let Die. Still others prefer the modern takes on 007 and might take the side of Goldeneye or Casino Royale or Skyfall. Even though Skyfall came out within the last five years, it is the movie that received the most Oscar nominations of any Bond film, and it deserves to be in the “best Bond film ever” discussion.

Those who place Skyfall lower on their personal lists sometimes knock it because it doesn’t have quite as much mindless action as the majority of the other movies featuring the seemingly immortal spy. It features slightly less sex and romance and a darker tone, which also turned some viewers off.

However, these opponents are willfully ignoring the tried-and-true Bond characteristics that Skyfall does skillfully employ, such as exciting set pieces, exotic locales, beautiful and enigmatic women, gunplay, and iconic villains. (Not to mention a deadly lizard.)

Skyfall does not succeed by ignoring the classic James Bond attributes; it succeeds by imbuing them with more relevance and realism. To penalize the most artistic and well-made Bond film for slightly underselling the patented Bond escapism is silly.

The moviemaking on display is Skyfall is assured and stunning. No other Bond movie can match it for sheer → continue…

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