Watch: Learn How David Fincher Portrays Loneliness in Film With ‘The Game’

By Max Winter

Ready Player One?

David Fincher’s The Game, released 20 years ago nearly to this day, remains off many viewers’ radars. It may have been a little too odd for most people’s tastes at its time. It went out on limbs, and took risks in its tale of a wealthy man (Michael Douglas) trapped inside an alternate reality (or is it?) that Fincher’s other films have not taken, wandering off down narrative side trails that might tickle some viewers’ aesthetics and might cause other viewers to simply give up on the film.

One thing the film does well is demonstrate how loneliness can be constructed in film, which Mr Nerdista explores in his latest video essay. As with all of Fincher’s films, the key is in the details, lovingly compiled and deployed towards the building of a cumulative effect. The details swim around the viewer, immersing us to such an extent that you might not notice them. Breaking down Fincher’s technique can be highly educational about filmmaking, storytelling (visual and otherwise), and character development.

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