10 Forgotten Movie Masterpieces That Need To Be Rediscovered

By David Zou

The world, let alone the entertainment sector of it, loves to view things in absolute terms. Everything always seems to have to “the best” or “the worst” or “the biggest”, “the smallest”, “the most”, or “the least” and so on. If one is dealing in tangible entities which can be measured, then this might make some sense. However, the artistic world is really not about such measurable things.

In the world of cinema, one may measure things such as length of running time or how many scenes or shots (or how few) make up a film, but labelling so subjective a thing as a film with a label based largely on subjective reasoning is foolish if not dangerous (though it happens all the time). Many look to awards and/or lists to certify a film’s worth or lack thereof but those things are the works of a person or persons with opinions (some more informed than others), context and circumstances (and agendas).

If one tends to think in such absolutes, then many pleasures along the way might be missed. Films which aren’t “great” may well have great things in them or might have some pretty good things in them, which might well mean something to some viewer(s). Not every film can be in the pantheon and sometimes it’s good just to see something which may not be lofty in its quality/reputation, but is satisfying to one degree or another nonetheless.

The following list (hopefully the first of several) looks at films which might (or might not) be in books about films one must see before they die, lists of the greatest of films from certain decades or in all film history (though many films end up on year-end lists, only to be somewhat forgotten later) and may well be overlooked.

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