LG’s V30 Smartphone Promises ‘Whole New Video Experience’ With Native LOG Mode and Manual Shutter Speed

By Randall Esulto

LG’s new flagship V30 might have the most advanced camera features on the market.

LG released its new flagship V30 smartphone at the IFA consumer trade show in Berlin, and the camera system boasts some of the most advanced features that we’ve seen for shooting video from a phone.

Camera Upgrade

The dual-camera system on LG’s V30 promises more control, higher dynamic range, fast lenses, better low-light performance, and a new zoom system that isn’t confined to only zooming into the center of your frame. In addition, LG has built in more control over the look of your images by including 15 new color presets. But the most impressive feature—if you want unheard of control over color from your smartphone video—is the addition of Cine Log which allows you to save a LUT and grade your footage in NLE software like Premiere.

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