FIELD TEST: Lighting Passport is your Pass to Accurate Color Reading

By Charles Haine

How does the Asensetek Lighting Passport measure up against the Lumu, Illuminati, and industry-standard Sekonic C700?

LEDs ruined everything. HMIs were hard to measure accurately, but once we got over the hurdles of their spectrum issues, it became reasonably easy to get a sense of the actual color distribution of your light source, and find ways to use filters and gels to make them match.

However, as we move into an increasingly LED world, it’s become more and more obvious that we need better tools for measuring the color of our lights. One of the tools that any DP, and especially gaffers, should consider for this is the Asensetek Lighting Passport. Asensetek was nice enough to loan us a unit, and we decided to compare it against the Lumu, the Illuminati, and the industry-standard Sekonic C700 (loaned to us by the wonderful folks at Lens Rentals) to see how it stacked up.

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From:: No Film School