All 28 Steven Soderbergh Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

By Mike Gray

Steven Soderbergh is an incredibly prolific director: with his first feature film, sex, lies, and videotape, becoming a literally game-changing indie hit in 1989, Soderbergh has had a wildly successful career as both an indie and mainstream director, having produced 27 films since then and still directing–despite adamantly insisting that he’s retired.

Soderbergh is a one-man production team, working as a director, writer, cinematographer, and editor on many of his films. A genre-hopping director, Soderbergh never seems satisfied to stick with just one “type” of film, instead preferring to experiment with genres with each new film.

Known for his dense plotting that intercuts between multiple narratives, use of montages to advance the story, and has been referred to as a “stylistic chameleon.” His characters tend to be cerebral underdogs trying to sort out some sort of mess and his films often confront the consequences of their characters’ actions.

The prolific director has made numerous movies in his career up to this point, each one wildly varying in quality and subject matter. While his experimental indie films have garnered some acclaim, others have just baffled audiences. Similarly, although he has had giant box office hits, Soderbergh has also made some disappointing duds. Let’s take a look at his wide-ranging filmography from worst to best and see if we can figure out just what makes a good–and bad–Steven Soderbergh film.

28. 9012Live


Here’s a bit of trivia: Steven Soderbergh’s first professional directorial effort was recording a live Yes concert in 1984. It’s a relatively standard concert film from the prog-rock group, who played their latest album, 90125. Considering Soderbergh was only 21 when he shot it, it’s a relatively impressive feat.

However, it’s also his worst “film”–whether because Yes is a somewhat difficult band to listen to or because it’s just → continue…

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