10 Movies That Deserve To Be Reevaluated Now That Times Are Different

By Andreas Babiolakis


The Velvet Underground and Nico is tumultuous on the first listen, and it was much more difficult when it first came out 50 years ago. Many years later, the album was seen as one of the greatest innovators of contemporary music. I start this film article with an album’s history, because it can sometimes be easier to measure the evolution of a piece of art—regardless of its same form from the start—with a short burst that stood out from the rest of its kind.

Cinema has its similar examples of art house releases that changed mainstream cinema, whether you look at the fragmented dreams of Maya Deren or observe pop culture in a new light with “Scorpio Rising”.

Some films are also reexamined many years down the road. Were they ahead of their time? Were we not in the right mindset to get these films before? Did we have to see the inspiration spew from latter films to see where the imagination in these overlooked gems spewed from? “Synecdoche, New York” was considered a depressing and bloated affair 10 years ago, yet it is now highly reconsidered for its ambitions and depth.

The following list of movies isn’t akin to the way “Synecdoche, New York” has been reevaluated. These films haven’t quite shaken up the world. In fact, a portion of these films are still considered lousy or unfulfilling. A couple of these films are already being looked at in a new way, while the rest are entries I insist get the same kind of treatment.

None of these films are mistaken masterpieces I’m trying to shove down the throats of you fellow readers; these are simply movies that I think speak louder than they did when they were first made. Some of these films aren’t as disturbing as when they came → continue…

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