DP Steve Yeldin Blows the Lid Off Camera Resolution Myths

By Charles Haine

Assume that more resolution equals better? DP Steve Yedlin argues that we are already at peak resolution.

Steve Yedlin, ASC is the cinematographer behind some exceptional movies, from indie favorite Brick all the way to the massive blockbuster San Andres. In between his day job as a top DP, he’s been working on custom image processing tools to create the look he desires from any source so as to not be bound by the limits of other people’s workflows. After all, to be a cinematographer is to be an inventor. In fact, back in the days of the F900, Yedlin was famous in color circles for the creation of Yedlog, a system for shooting Log on linear cameras years before techniques like CineStyle came out.

“Many filmmakers believe that the best measure of perceptual image quality is to count the photosites on a camera’s image sensor, but that is not substantiated by the evidence.”
—Steve Yedlin

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