Watch: Robert Bresson Shows How ‘Less is More’ Creates Sophisticated Drama

By Max Winter

A new video essay about Robert Bresson examines the art of withholding information in the service of drama.

The key thing to appreciate when watching the films of Robert Bresson is their powerful elegance, argues Julian Palmer in his latest video essay.

Bresson’s films accomplish a tremendous amount with what seems, on screen, to be very little: A single image. A single gesture. An unmoving camera. These elements tell the story more powerfully than loads of special effects or explosions.

The act of withholding can increase the dramatic weight of a scene.

Intelligent filmmakers will make their films in a way that lets viewers’ intelligence go to work, putting together the puzzle from whatever pieces the filmmaker deems it best to provide. Below are some of Bresson’s “less is more” techniques that would be useful to study.

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