10 Movies That Went From Wonderful To Awful

By Pradyot Raina


There are times when just a few minutes into a movie, we get a feeling that we are in good hands. Some of these movies don’t disappoint while others get better with every passing minute.

But then there are some others – movies that begin on an impressive note, raise our expectations to a maximum only to strike them down gradually, some with unnecessary elongation or a decaying storyline, others by their tedious self-indulgence and others yet simply fail to follow through with a particularly brilliant beginning. Below are 10 such movies that take the viewers on a swing from one extreme opinion to the other.

1. Dreamcatcher (Lawrence Kasdan, 2003)

When a person goes in to watch a horror science-fiction flick, directed by Lawrence Kasdan, with Morgan Freeman in it, the least they expect from it is a good time. But, Dreamcatcher, which builds up with an interesting start only to take a tail-first plunge from there, leaves all expectation, sanity and soundness far behind, and eventually buries itself in a mound of dumbness and cringe.

The movie begins with four best friends in their childhood who witness a mentally challenged boy, called Duddits, being bullied and go on to help him, and then console him by singing Linda Ronstadt’s ‘Blue Bayou’. Duddits is revealed to possess certain telepathic powers which he passes on to the others in the group by creating a sort of psychic web between their minds.

Till now, the movie seems to deliver and is intriguing with a Stand by Me kind of feel. A while later, the four boys are all grown-up and vacationing on a cabin in the woods when suddenly, we find ourselves watching helplessly as gross and slimy aliens, called ‘Shitweasles’ who look like humongous vaginas with teeth, → continue…

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