Rich Pring Joins Humble as Managing Director/EP

By Eli Williams

Bicoastal production studio Humble has hired Rich Pring as managing director/executive producer. Pring will head up the studio’s LA office, working closely alongside president/founder Eric Berkowitz to foster the development of the Humble roster and cultivate relationships with agencies and brands alike. No newcomer to the industry, Pring has worked as an executive producer for […]

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The Production Music Association Announces Additional Keynote Speakers Jeff Danna & Mychael Danna for 2017 Production Music Conference

By Eli Williams

The Production Music Association (PMA) an advocate and voice of the global production music community, has announced two additional keynote speakers who will be featured during the group’s annual Production Music Conference (PMC)–composers Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna. The Danna brothers will speak on October 6 at 2PM. This year’s PMC event will take place […]

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10 Great Romantic Horror Movies You Should Check Out

By Zane Castillo


Throughout the years, there have been various types of horror movies that have expanded the film category. From the supernatural to the psychological, the horror genre has continued to push the boundaries of fear and what is considered scary.

There have been many movies that has combined romance with horror which has proven to be an interesting mix. Here are 10 romantic horror movies you should check out.

10. Horns (2013)

Horns (2014)

Horns is a 2013 adaptation of writer Joe Hill’s novel. Daniel Radcliffe in another attempt to move past his Harry Potter fame plays the main role as Ignatius “Ig” Perrish. When Ig’s girlfriend Merrin is raped and murdered, Ig is suspected of doing the crime. Ig who is torn up over Merrin’s death stays cooped up in his parent’s house to avoid the condemnation from his community.

After a memorial service is held for Merrin, Ig drinks heavily in despair and wakes up the following morning with horns protruding from his head. Ig is frightened by this horrific change to his body and goes to the doctor to remove them, however, it is unsuccessful.

Ig soon discovers that the horns have the ability to get people to tell him their most innermost secrets. With this newfound power, Ig sets out to find Merrin’s killer and clear his name.

Horns is a Kafkaesque film that follows a young man who will do everything it takes to find his girlfriend’s killer. Throughout the movie, there are several flashbacks to Ig and Merrin’s relationship that plays out like a romantic fantasy. Merrin is pictured as an angel of sorts that dances in the shining light. Ig is infatuated with her and her death leaves an empty void in his life.

The movie ends in a very cool way that shows the horns true → continue…

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Watch: These Are Kathryn Bigelow’s 5 Favorite Films

By V Renée

Director Kathryn Bigelow shares a list of films that inspired her to make her own.

Kathryn Bigelow is one of the few female directors to break into the action genre. Not only did she become the first woman in history to win an Oscar for Best Director for her work in The Hurt Locker, but her action crime thriller Point Break is considered by many to have one of the most technically complex, well-choreographed on-foot chase scenes ever. It makes you wonder what kinds of films inspired Bigelow to make her brand of filmmaking, which has been described as “action movies with heart,” and if you want to know the answer, this video from Fandor will give you the lowdown.

Here are some of Bigelow’s favorite films:

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10 Movie Sequels That Are Overshadowed By The Films Before Them

By David Zou


Some sequels are loved. Some are hated. Others are less fortunate – they are unjustly forgotten.

The films on this list are all sequels that have been overshadowed by the films before them, are overlooked, and are overdue the recognition they deserve.

1. Jaws 2 (1978)

Jaws 2 (1978)

When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws transformed Hollywood in 1975 by smashing box-office records and birthing the modern block-buster, it was inevitable that studio heads would push for a sequel. The best-selling novel, written by Peter Benchley in 1974, left no opening for a continuation of the story and neither did the film. Spielberg was not interested in working on a sequel, but the producers were desperate to capitalise on the shark-mania that had taken hold of the world so they set to work without him. After several possible plots were developed and then aborted, a workable story was developed and production began in June 1977.

Although Roy Scheider (Chief Martin Brody) appears here under duress – in order to fulfil contractual obligations – he’s still committed to the role and forms the centre of a cast that feels true to small island life. Lorraine Gary (Brody’s wife, Ellen), Murray Hamilton (Mayor Larry Vaughn) and Jeffrey Kramer (Deputy Hendricks) return too.

Jaws 2 makes no attempt to replicate the outstanding chemistry between Brody, Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Quint (Robert Shaw) as this would have been impossible. Instead, the main adventure involves Brody’s teenage son and his group of friends. It’s the fact that we’re catching up with a family that we know and care about that makes the threat to them more terrifying.

By 1978, the horror trope of horny teens being killed off one-by-one had been seen in a number of films and was proving to be a popular approach for building tension. → continue…

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Lydith 30mm f/3.5 E-mount on Indiegogo

By SonyAlpha Admin

You can get the Lydith 30mm f/3.5 E-mount lens on Indiegogo. Here is the press text: Meyer Optik Goerlitz now on Indiegogo After a successful Kickstarter campaign for its Lydith 30mm art lens, Meyer Optik is now offering the lens to the Indiegogo community. The Lydith is one of the extraordinary lenses from famous German […]

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10 Great Movies That Are Faithless Adaptations

By David Zou


When a new movie adaptation comes out, there are people who will complain that the book’s not as good, and if you know somebody like this, then they’ll complain about these movies especially. A great adaptation is never supposed to recreate the source material, but rather to filter it through the eyes of the director, however they interpret it. One should think of the novel and the movie as separate entities, and being good on their own merits.

Details get lost in translation all the time when it comes to adapting, but these movies go even further, and have changed so many details that to call them adaptations in the first place is arguably a bit of a stretch. Whether the filmmakers found the material “unadaptable”, wanted to comment on or satirize it, or just didn’t like the book, the world was given the following faithless “adaptations”.

1. Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

It’s more appropriate to say that Joseph Conrad’s Hearts of Darkness inspired Coppola’s drug-fueled, surreal, nightmarish epic, instead of being an adaptation, especially when you cue in on the fact that the book was written at the turn of the 20th century and takes place in the Congo, while the movie is set in the Vietnam War. They have parallel narratives in that they both centre around a man who travels up a river with a bunch of people, and the villain in both cases is a man named Kurtz who has gone insane and convinced a tribe that he is a god. They also both have the infamous line, “The horror. The horror”.

The novel is set in the Congo, the main character is named Marlow, not Captain Willard, and he works for a Belgian trade company, not the army. Kurtz also dies by machete → continue…

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Inspiration Master Class interviews

By (Tony Costa)

Inspiration Master Class interviews

The last IMAGO Inspiration Master Class took place in Amsterdam last May. The key speakers were Jeanne Lapoirie AFC; Phedon Papamichael GSC, ASC; Anthony Dod Mantle DFF, BSC, ASC; Martin Gschlacht AAC, all of them top cinematographers in the world scene. Here is a short interview with each of one them.



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Sony FS5 & Z150 Firmware fix is ready with v4.02 and v2.02

By Erik Naso

Today Sony has reissued the firmware that was pulled due to issue with Hybrid Log-Gamma. The new version 4.02 has a fix. “As a follow-up to recent communications regarding firmware…

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NPPA says LA public park photography ban is unconstitutional

LA instituted a blanket ban on photography in Pershing Square during the Downtown Stage summer concerts, but the NPPA, ACLU, and others say the ban is unconstitutional. Photo: Visitor7

A photography ban that is being ‘strictly enforced’ in a Los Angeles public park during a series free concerts has been branded ‘unconstitutional’ by city and national media and public liberties groups.

The picture-taking ban was put in place by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks at the request of the performers of the Pershing Square Downtown Stage summer concerts that are being held in the Pershing Square public park. However, freedom groups including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have complained the ban is at odds with the First Amendment of the American Constitution.

As the park is a public space, the City is acting unlawfully by restricting the rights of citizens and the media to record the events, and it doesn’t have the power to overrule constitutional rights, according to lawyers working for a group of bodies fighting the ban.

The National Press Photographers Association, Society of Professional Journalists/Los Angeles Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists/National, California Broadcasters Association, Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Photographic Artists, American Society of Media Photographers, Digital Media Licensing Association, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Professional Photographers of America, Radio and Television Digital News Association, and Reporters Without Borders have got together with the ACLU to prepare a letter that was sent to the City department in which the collective protests the ban and states why it is unlawful.

The group specifically objects to a clause in the terms and conditions of the concerts that states that even photography and videography made on iPads will not be allowed:

(1) Cameras/Photography: At the request of the artist/performer, video, photo and audio devices are → continue…

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Meet the New Gold Standard for 4K UltraHD Monitors

By Charles Haine

Flanders has finalized the pricing for its XM series monitors, announced earlier this year.

Flanders Scientific monitors dominate color suites and DIT carts throughout the industry. Back at NAB, we got our first look at the new XM series monitors from Flanders Scientific, the XM310K and the XM550U. While no pricing was announced, we knew it was going to be high. These are, after all, full 4K UltraHD monitors from the company whose name is synonymous with color accuracy and ease of use.

The XM310K comes in at $45,000; the XM550U at the more reasonable $14,995.

While those numbers are out of the reach for the vast majority of us, these aren’t targeted at the home user or even the DIT; they’re facility-focused devices. For a facility, these prices are high, but not extreme. In fact, the prices are right about where we expected them to be.

The truly key upgrade you get from the Flanders over the Panasonic is native SDI inputs and outputs.

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Capturing the ‘Cape’: A beautiful piece of Iceland you probably haven’t seen

In 2013 I was accepted for a one month artist in residence at the Baer Art Center in northern Iceland. After a wonderful month the other four artists and myself were taken on a boat trip up the coast, right past where we were staying, to the see “Cape” just north of Hofsos, a large land mass of mostly stone with a huge cliff at one end. I don’t know that I’ve been the same since.

Although I’d been told to bring what gear I had I was totally unprepared for what we saw that day. The geological phenomena of these rock columns of basalt being thrust up in ancient times from a violent volcano was just unbelievable, both beautiful and horrific at the same time.

I am writing this for DPReview while back in Iceland, as I was asked back by Baer to teach a photo workshop. Last week we repeated the boat trip up the coast of the fjord and I found myself again in front of the remarkable cliff face of the “Cape”. It was magic once again.

The job was, vey simply, not to screw up. Working to hold the camera steady on a rocking boat, to keep shutter settings fast enough, to make sure I was focused best for my subject and aperture setting and to “get everything”, as there was no going back that day.

To get to the Cape you’ll need to hire an excursion boat in the harbor in Hofsos, in northern Iceland.

Not to be missed.

Neal Rantoul is a career artist and educator. After 10 years teaching at Harvard and 30 years as head of the Photo Program at Northeastern University in Boston, he retired from teaching in 2012. You can find out more about him and see more → continue…

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Instagram and Snapchat expected to hit $10B and $3B in revenue by 2019

Instagram and Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat, are expected to see massive revenue growth over the next couple years, according to a research note released by Citi Research. If Citi’s predictions pan out, Instagram will reach almost $10 billion in revenue by 2019, while the smaller but highly popular Snapchat may hit the $3 billion mark. The reasons for each apps’ growth differ, however.

As far as Instagram goes, the company enjoys a massive user base of about 500 million, which is largely behind the anticipated growth. Snapchat, by comparison, boasts a much smaller user base of about 170 million, but those users spend much more time on the app than Instagram’s users. According to Citi, Snapchat users are spending more than 30 minutes on the app per day on average.

Both companies are facing an increasing number of competitors, Snapchat in the form of cloned features like Facebook and Instagram Stories, whereas Instagram is competing with the likes of VSCO, EyeEm, and similar platforms. Still, for now it doesn’t look like either of these photo sharing behemoths have anything to fear but… well… each other.

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Fixed & Downloadable: Sony FS5 Firmware V4.02 with Hybrid Log Gamma

By Fabian Chaundy

FS5 Firmware V4.02 has just been released, fixing some of the bugs introduced with the highly-anticipated V4.0.

A few weeks ago, Sony aimed to greatly increase the functionality of the Sony FS5 by releasing FS5 Firmware V4, bringing HDR support with the introduction of new Hybrid Log Gamma Picture Profiles, reduced minimum ISO for Slog 2 and 3, as well as support for 120fps continuous shooting with an optional license sold separately (you can read our post on this release HERE).

Only a few days later, however, Sony pulled the download due to “a minor issue found within the HDR function”. This caused concern among users who had already downloaded V4.0, as there is no way of rolling back on this camera’s firmware to a previous instance.

Sony removed the firmware V4.0 download, prompting worries from users.

True to their word, Sony have now released FS5 Firmware V4.02 available for download from HERE. The release notes also finally indicate the “minor issues” introduced with V4.0. From the Sony site:

V4.02 fixes the following issue:

1. Video image may be recorded with short delay of 2 or 3 frames of audio in other recording modes than AVCHD.

2. When choosing [HLG1],[HLG2] or [HLG3] in the PictureProfile and CENTER SCAN in the CAMERA/PAINT menu, rebooting the camera may cause brightness and color shift.

Were you a V4.0 early adopter and came across any of these issues? Have you already tested the new HDR support? Let us know in the comments below!

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Here’s Every Single One of the 2,400 Shots in ‘Gone Girl’ and Other Fincher Movies

By Liz Nord

Here’s a new way to study the modern masters.

We recently posted about how the simple exercise of counting a movie’s shots can help improve your own directing. Now, thanks to film editor Vashi Nedomansky, you can take the exercise a step further by taking a bird’s eye view of some popular David Fincher films and analyzing every single shot used.

Nedomansky, who helped Fincher’s team create the post-production workflow for Gone Girl as they made the transition to Adobe Premiere Pro from Final Cut 7, shares some general stats about Fincher’s work before presenting the shot breakdowns. The average of Fincher’s average shot length (ASL) is 3.87 seconds (as opposed to, say, Spielberg’s 6.5 seconds) and, thus, his films have a higher number of shots than most. Nedomansky notes that “the average feature film has approximately 1,200 individual shots,” whereas Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has 2,964.

Despite that fact, Nedomansky insists that “his films never feel rushed. In my opinion, they bloom and play out at a sublime pace that suits each individual film.”

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