Photographer travels around the globe to photograph all her Facebook friends

Ahna Anomaly, San Francisco, California

Social networks have changed the meaning of friendship. Many of our Facebook friends we might not have seen in a long time or never even met personally. Photographer Tanja Alexia Hollander decided to take friendship back out of the virtual into the real world by visiting and photographing all of her 626 Facebook friends.

Since 2011 she has been traveling around the USA and to countries as far as the UK, Belgium, France, Greece, and Malaysia to meet her friends in their homes, take their portrait and share real-life experiences with them.

Shannon Lam and Maury Browning, Sungai Long, Malaysia

According to MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA, where Hollander’s Are you really my friend? is currently on display, the project turned from a personal documentary on friendship “into an exploration of contemporary culture, relationships, generosity and compassion, family structure, community-building, storytelling, meal-sharing, the economy and class, the relationship between technology and travel in the 21st century, social networking, memory, and the history of the portrait.

Mary Bok with Surely and Honey the dogs, Camden, Maine

You can see all the images and learn more about Are you really my friend? on the project website. You can also follow Tanja Alexia Hollander on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out about her ongoing work.

All images courtesy: Tanja Hollander and MASS MoCA, used with permission

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