20 Great Animated Movies from the 21st Century You Might Not Have Seen

By Nikola Gocić

With the emphasis on the lesser-known titles, this list provides a concise insight into the world of modern animation. From stop-motion to traditional techniques and from the arthouse to children’s fantasies, the article includes ten short and ten feature-length films conceived in different corners of the world.

Whether the said medium is used for budgetary reasons or simply because it is more suitable than live-action, it often allows the creators to run their imagination wild and free for the awe-inspiring results. Months or even years they spend painstakingly moving the puppets or drawing frame by frame deserve to be recognized.

Note: A number of these works are available on Vimeo, YouTube or DailyMotion.

1. Allerleirauh (Anja Struck, 2004) / Germany

Inspired by the Grimms’ fairy tale of the same name, “Allerleirauh (aka Whisper of the Fur-Cone)” is an enigmatic fantasy which seemingly has nothing in common with the original piece. In this version, a princess running away from her father’s incestuous desires and hiding underneath all-kinds-of-fur mantle is replaced by a girl of inhuman eyes and amputated legs who is trapped in a surreal recurring nightmare.

The German animator Anja Struck speaks in the esoteric language of subconscious mind to tell or rather, show a parable of child abuse, thus staying true to the grim story’s literary roots. A cymbal-banging monkey toy, a man with a fox head, a young doe and a wet nurse emerge from the mist of a childhood taken away, disturbing the tragic heroine’s peace. Her memories, both good and bad, merge into a burdensome whole and make her self-imposed isolation all the more difficult.

Through the gothic, poetic, ambiguous imagery complemented by Goldfrapp’s ethereal composition “Felt Mountain”, Struck achieves the atmosphere of claustrophobia and “subtle violence”, moving her costumed actors as if they were bizarre, life-sized → continue…

From:: Taste Of Cinema