The 20 Most Complex Movies of All Time

By Akansha Tokas


The best kinds of movies are the one that won’t leave your mind days after watching them, often comprehending ideas too big to grasp in the first watch. These movies demand you come back to them and make sense of the plot and find the missing link you couldn’t find earlier.

Here is a list of movies so complex and strange that it’s difficult to get them out of your mind; the kind of movies that make more sense after repeated viewings.

20. Enemy

“Enemy” was directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake’s character is a history teacher, and one day his co-worker recommends he watch a certain movie. As he is watching it, he notices an actor in the movie looks exactly like him. This sets him on an intense journey to find who this actor is and what he is doing.

“Enemy” doesn’t follow the traditional linear structure of filmmaking; as soon the movie ends, the viewer is left mind-boggled, trying to find a cohesive understanding of its surreal dreamlike imagery. The film is beautifully shot, with an overwhelming yellow haze to show the dullness of Adam’s life, while the bright color scheme is used to show how it contrasts from Anthony’s life.

The score for this film was eerie and subdued but when needed, it exploded to help this film give this dreamlike feel. Wonderfully acted, this film makes viewers feel the plight of the character. It is about the subconscious of a man who decides to leave his mistress to go back to his pregnant wife, as noted by Villeneuve. “Enemy” is a mind-bending, tightly-held psychological thriller that takes its audience into an intense journey filled with surrealism.

19. Predestination

Predestination, an Australian fantasy thriller directed by Peter and Michael → continue…

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