Miggo launches Agua line of waterproof camera and drone bags

Miggo, the smartphone and photography accessory makers who brought us the Pictar iPhone camera grip among other innovative products, have returned to crowdfunding to launch the new Agua line of waterproof bags designed for DSLRs as well as the DJI Mavic and Spark drones.

There are three models in the series which are all made from a matt-finish tarpaulin material and offer the IPX3 environmental protection standard. The Agua Versa backpack is designed for carrying photographic gear but can easily be converted into a backpack for daily use by removing the “doc-bag” camera insert. The Versa can be carried as a backpack, sling bag or x-position style and comes with external charging system for mobile devices. The main department comes with laptop and tablet compartments and several smaller pockets. Three water-proof outer pockets that can hold a large variety of smaller items and the rigid bottom offers impact protection when setting the bag down. The bag holds a Canon 5D-sized full-format DSLR , 2 F2.8 lenses, including a 70-200 f2.8 and a flash.

The Versa’s strap system can be adjusted for sling-style use. Inside your gear is protected from the elements.

The Agua Drone Lander is made from the same water-proof material as the Versa and is a carrier for DJI Mavic or Spark drones. The latter and accessories are are protected by a padded three-layer insert and an integrated landing mat doubles as a work surface.The Drone Lander is carried in the sling position, and an additional diagonal strap offers better stability for long-distance carrying.

The third model in the line, the Agua Sling, combines a compact design with storage capacity for a 5D-sized DSLR and three lenses, including a 70-200 F2.8 → continue…

From:: DPreview