4 Tricks to Grow Your Creative Confidence & Make Progress on Your Movie

By Will Meier

Need a creative kick in the pants? Here are 4 effective strategies for getting creative work made.

Making movies is a vulnerable and sometimes difficult process. It requires you to reach inside, assemble your thoughts and ideas, and then put them out into the world for others to experience and respond to. Of course, one of the biggest requirements of the process is creativity, the cultivating of which takes time, thought, energy, and sometimes even courage. And what is the one key trait that underlies all of it? Confidence.

Unfortunately for many of us, confidence is a flighty thing. It comes and goes as it pleases. And sometimes it goes away for long stretches of time, leaving us to wonder if it will ever come back. Those are the times when you have to fake it. Which is possible, of course. Even necessary. But it’s also exhausting and not a sustainable approach to a creative life.

Insecurity thrives in private. Get your work out there.

While there may be no way to completely iron out the ups and downs of creative confidence, here are a few tricks you can try to help it stick around more than it goes.

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