10 Great Movies That Are Beyond Description

By Jakob Miller


There are plenty of times when someone finishes watching a movie and they know they just witnessed something great, and it is only natural for that person to extol the almost spiritual power of that film. They may be asked “What is it about?” “Why is it so great?”

Sometimes, they may be able to answer these questions with no trouble. But other times, they may have seen a film that is such a singularly unique experience that they cannot even begin to describe it – nonetheless, they still know they’ve seen a great movie. “I can’t explain. You would just have to see it,” they will most likely respond. Here are ten films that have a good chance at putting viewers in that exact position, in the event that the viewer has not seen them yet.

10. Synecdoche, New York (2008, dir. Charlie Kaufman)

A potential candidate for not only the greatest film of the 2000s (or even perhaps the 21st century so far), Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut is quite possibly his ultimate masterpiece following an already exceptionally impressive body of work as the writer for Being John Malkovich, Adaptation., and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind under his belt. An incredibly powerful drama, Synecdoche, New York is also an indescribable emotional and psychological journey only Kaufman could mastermind.

Synecdoche, New York follows middle-aged theater director Caden and his trudge through life itself: loss, grief, pain, suffering, and, ultimately, death. In between it all, Caden concocts a play of vast scale with characters and scenarios directly reflecting his own struggles, complete on a full-scale recreation of New York City as the set. Caden will spend the rest of his life slaving over this tumultuous production, to the point where → continue…

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