The Pros and Cons of Making a Film with Your Smartphone

By V Renée

They’re compact, easy to use, and capture beautiful images, but should you really use your smartphone to shoot your next project?

I’m a huge fan of smartphone filmmaking—mostly because I’m lazy and don’t want to pack up all of my heavy film gear. But aside from it being easier, shooting a project with a smartphone is not as weird of a concept as it might’ve been a few years ago, especially as the cameras and technology get better, which means we can spend less time defending it and more time testing it to see if it’s a viable option, and if so, for what kinds of filmmakers/projects.

In the video below, the Film Riot team talks about their experience using an iPhone to shoot a comedic sketch, including how they beefed up the device in order to give themselves more control and creative options.

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From:: No Film School