Sonnet Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe 1TB Flash Drive

By Matthew Allard ACS

Sonnet Technologies have introduced a 1TB version of its Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Flash Drive. The drive is a rugged, pocket-size solid-state drive (SSD) storage device with Thunderbolt 3 interface.…

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Ricoh Theta V- 360° UHD recording and live streaming

By Matthew Allard ACS

Ricoh have announced the 360° Theta V, which gives users the ability to record and live stream video over USB, at up to UHD (3840×1920) 30 fps at 56Mbps. This…

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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum- 60% quieter and 3 minutes more flight time

By Matthew Allard ACS

DJI have unveiled two new additions to their Mavic and Phantom series- The Mavic Pro Platinum and the Phantom 4 Obsidian. It’s best to think of these new models as…

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All 12 “Friday The 13th” Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

By Tom Lorenzo

The Friday the 13th franchise has become one of the most iconic horror franchises in history. It’s 12 entries deep into its 37-year existence and has permeated pop culture in a myriad of ways, from references in music and other movies to all kinds of merchandising and comic books. Most recently, it has been resurrected, this time in the video game world for a fun as hell multiplayer game.

What’s weird about this franchise’s success is how none of the movies are “good” movies. By most objective means, they are cheap and exploitative pieces of filth meant to drum up a quick buck. Yet they’ve lasted this long, getting a rabid fanbase and a secure place in horror history. Simply put, it’s because they are all fun as hell. There’s a weird balancing act going on, where they aren’t playing it too self seriously, but it isn’t a wink fest. It’s played straight but with a good-natured sense of fun to it.

There’s also the fact that the potential for this franchise isn’t as high as Michael or Freddy’s franchises, so the highs and the lows aren’t too far apart from each other. Just throw a bunch of dumbass kids together and have Jason (or someone else) kill the hell out of them. That they can just work and entertain is due to the fact that, for the most part, the people working behind the scenes weren’t incompetent. In fact, they tended to have some real talent. Probably the most fascinating part of this franchise is that Jason isn’t introduced as the killer until “Part II” and the iconic hockey mask isn’t introduced until “Part III”. That bizarre path is just fascinating.

Now that the new game is out and it has been pretty well received, albeit with some technical hiccups along the → continue…

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10 Movies That Deserve To Be Reevaluated Now That Times Are Different

By Andreas Babiolakis


The Velvet Underground and Nico is tumultuous on the first listen, and it was much more difficult when it first came out 50 years ago. Many years later, the album was seen as one of the greatest innovators of contemporary music. I start this film article with an album’s history, because it can sometimes be easier to measure the evolution of a piece of art—regardless of its same form from the start—with a short burst that stood out from the rest of its kind.

Cinema has its similar examples of art house releases that changed mainstream cinema, whether you look at the fragmented dreams of Maya Deren or observe pop culture in a new light with “Scorpio Rising”.

Some films are also reexamined many years down the road. Were they ahead of their time? Were we not in the right mindset to get these films before? Did we have to see the inspiration spew from latter films to see where the imagination in these overlooked gems spewed from? “Synecdoche, New York” was considered a depressing and bloated affair 10 years ago, yet it is now highly reconsidered for its ambitions and depth.

The following list of movies isn’t akin to the way “Synecdoche, New York” has been reevaluated. These films haven’t quite shaken up the world. In fact, a portion of these films are still considered lousy or unfulfilling. A couple of these films are already being looked at in a new way, while the rest are entries I insist get the same kind of treatment.

None of these films are mistaken masterpieces I’m trying to shove down the throats of you fellow readers; these are simply movies that I think speak louder than they did when they were first made. Some of these films aren’t as disturbing as when they came → continue…

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Can you really tell the difference between film and digital? [Opinion]

By (Simon Wyndham)

Film still has its fans, but should there even be a debate about the medium we use?

Phil Rhodes’ recent article on whether we are unnecessarily complicating the digital workflow triggered a huge range of responses in the comments. But one aspect that kept coming back to light was whether film really is still better than digital.

  • Film vs digital

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    Facing the Canon with J John

    By philcooke

    My long time friend J John is one of the most powerful, compelling, and hilarious speakers I know. Based in the United Kingdom, he has an amazing ministry with a global reach. Recently he broadcast a one-hour television episode we did together for his “Facing the Canon” TV series. (J John is a Canon in the […] → continue…

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    Dave Bautista Wrestles With Becoming a Nuanced Character Actor with the Body of a ‘Fucking Gorilla’

    By Chris O’Falt Bautista learned to be less self-conscious from Chris Pratt, took Denis Villeneuve’s very specific direction on “Blade Runner,” and loved the run-and-gun intensity of “Bushwick.” → continue…

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    On Being Human and Working in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    By Tom Parish

    Astoundingly positive things will come from artificial intelligence, but we would hardly know that from the onslaught of magazines and movies that paint a despotic future. Storytellers know fear sells. So let’s just admit, AI, like any technology, will have its dark side but can we stop obsessing about robots chasing after us and focus on the real opportunity? Let’s start teaching a new wave of employees the importance of teaming with AI. People will be more employable, and employers will build more competitive companies. As MIT Physics Professor Max Tegmar says, “Intelligence is the crux of the problem.” Our intelligence is the reason we have more power than any other animal on the planet. Let’s place hope in ourselves that the more we learn from each other and learn from these new AI enabled machines, the more we could build a better life with a focus on growing and sharing intelligence.

    Recently, IBM’s Watson Team partnered with BMC to develop in-car AI capabilities using Watson IoT technology. The goal is to process in-car data alongside artificially intelligent assistant systems to help vehicles run more efficiently and provide a personalized driving experience. The end game: create a car that is way ahead of its competition. IBM’s Watson platform will incorporate machine learning, with an IoT component inside the car. Watson continually learns from the driver’s needs, habits and driving preferences, understanding and then adapting the driving experience to better suit the driver and passengers.

    Drivers will be able to talk to their car, ask how it’s performing and the car will in turn reply. Watson vehicles will have learned the owner’s’ manual. Using natural language capabilities, Watson can understand the driver’s queries and provide the answers in a conversational style. This conversation can include anything from standard checks of recommended tire pressures → continue…

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    Motorola Moto X4 brings a dual-cam with super-wide-angle to the mid-range segment

    Lenovo has introduced the Motorola Moto X4 at its IFA 2017 event and closes the gap in its line-up that was created after the Moto X series went into hiatus with the launch of the Moto Z models last year.

    The Moto X4 is an upper-tier mid-ranger that slots in between the Moto Z and Moto G series and aims to offer a comprehensive feature set at an attractive price point. 400 Euros (no US pricing has been revealed yet) get you a 5.2″ 1080p IPS display, a sleek metal body with glass back, IP68 water-resistance, Snapdragon 630 chipset, Amazon Alexa integration and a dual-camera.

    The latter combines a 12MP main camera with an 8MP 120-degree super-wide-angle, a similar concept to what we’ve seen on more recent LG high-end devices. The main cameras features a 12MP sensor with 1.4um pixel size, F2.0 aperture and PDAF. The super-wide angle has a smaller sensor with 1.12um pixels and F2.2 aperture. Bokeh effect and 4K video recording are on board as well.

    The front camera specification looks quite impressive for a device in this class as well: a 16MP sensor is accompanied by a F2.0 lens and a front LED flash. A 4MP low-light mode uses pixel-binning for reduced noise in dim lighting conditions.

    We are having our hands on a test unit and first impressions are promising. The device feels very solidly built and, as always with Moto devices, the lean Android implementation feels smooth and responsive in operation. The super-wide-angle lens looks like a useful addition to the main camera but we’ll have to do some proper testing before commenting on image quality. The Moto X4 will be available in Super Black and Sterling Blue this fall worldwide.

    Image of the RX0 mounted on the Sony A9

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    Here is a set of images of the new RX0. The camera will be available for preorder from September 5 at BHphoto and Adorama. RX0 on the A9: The RX0 mounted with the A9, camcorder or as part of a full-scale multi-camera system: RX0 accessories: The RX0 ripped apart: RX0 on a tripod: RX0 as an […]

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    David Lynch and the Nightmarish Meanings of his Hollywood Star Casting

    By Gillian Wallace Horvat

    In episode four of Twin Peaks: The Return, an older gentleman has an obscure conversation with Gordon Cole (David Lynch) as he escorts him to the office of FBI Chief of Staff, Denise Bryson (David Duchovny). Their scene together is short but just by his brief appearance Richard Chamberlain evokes a mass of associations in the viewers who recognizes him, maybe as Cannon Films’ Allen Quartermain, maybe as the ambitious priest with impure thoughts of Rachel Ward in The Thornbirds, or maybe as Julie Christie’s husband in Petulia. An icon of classic television thanks to his performance in the prime-time […] → continue…

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    Watch: Learn the Technique ‘Stranger Things’ Uses to Make Us Love its Characters As Soon As We Meet Them

    By Hawkins DuBois

    From a diner break-in to a bathroom make-out scene, The Duffer Brothers utilize telling introductions to show us who the characters of ‘Stranger Things’ are.

    With a runaway hit TV show, there is always going to be an outspoken minority that repeatedly lobs out the “overrated” insult, but when it comes to Stranger Things even that minority avoided targeting their hate at the show’s leading characters. Right from the onset, Stranger Things does an incredible job of establishing its core cast, even with the challenge of possessing a double-digit roster of key players. Fortunately, the Duffer Brothers know how to leave a good first impression, much like one of the show’s greatest inspirations: Steven Spielberg.

    By placing your characters into a sequence of conflicts with each other, we can see each of their unique perspectives bouncing off of each other.​

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    Photographers face three felonies after climbing bridge for cityscape shot

    Benjamin Franklin Bridge at night by Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

    Breaking the law to get the perfect shot can have serious legal consequences, a harsh reality currently facing photographers Martin J. Romero-Clark and Andrew Lillibridge, who were arrested after climbing onto the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia.

    According to local news site, police received an alert at 12:50AM on July 25th about a potential jumper on top of the bridge; this prompted a response from the Philadelphia Police marine units, port authority police, and the Philadelphia Fire Department. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities reportedly discovered the two photographers with camera gear. By the time the two were arrested at 1:20AM, the incident had drawn 36 firefighters, eight port authority officers, and seven port authority rescuers.

    Statements from authorities to local news indicate that the photographers’ climb onto the bridge had tripped security alarms and was captured on security cameras. In addition, the bridge had to be shut down for 103 minutes.

    In a statement to, Delaware River Port Authority CEO John Hanson said the two had worn black clothing and climbed the bridge on a wet night, putting both themselves and everyone on the ground at risk. “They could have fallen, they could have been injured in the process of apprehending them, and they put the heroic men and women of our police department and the Philadelphia Fire Department at risk,” Hanson said. “We’re going to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I am not amused, and I am very angry.”

    The pair now face two third-degree felonies, one fourth-degree felony, and their photography equipment has been confiscated.

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    Visual Effects Society Announces Special 2017 Honorees

    By Admin


    The Visual Effects Society (VES), the industry’s global professional honorary society, announced venerated VFX Producer and founding VES member Toni Pace Carstensen as the recipient of the 2017 VES Founders Award. The Society also designated Chuck Finance, visual effects producer and…

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