The 10 Worst Directed Movies of All Time

By Andreas Babiolakis

Everyone has their own list of the worst films they have ever seen. I’ve always found this question a bit challenging, especially because there are some factors that should be taken into consideration. First, is the film at least entertaining? If a film is so awful that it is funny, does it still remain one of the worst? If so, why? Second, what makes the film so bad? Is it something like “Showgirls”, where the cinematography and editing are fine and the content is disgraceful, or is it one of those B-movies where even the sound mixing is a disaster? Well, this list will fall more along the lines of that latter thought.

All of these films are of the worst caliber in the history of cinema, but we are going to focus on the people that made these clunkers. We will examine the poor directing within these 10 films. This will include poor decisions that were made, tones that made little to no sense, and just the overall fact that nothing added up to a cohesive (or pleasant) film experience. Yes, virtually everything in these films can be called appalling, but these were all decisions that were given the go-ahead by the people in charge. All 10 of these films are considerably directionless. Here are 10 of the worst cases of directing in film history.

10. Howard the Duck

Howard The Duck (1986)

Like the majority of the films on this list, “Howard the Duck” is a cult favourite for reasons that were not originally intended. The jokes that are planted throughout the film are laughed at ironically (are you ready for a plethora of duck puns? If not, you’re entirely ducked). The thrilling moments are mostly cringe-worthy (unfortunately, → continue…

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