From Herzog to ‘Star Wars’: The Amazing History of an Industry-Changing LED

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Digital Sputnik Co-founder Kaspar Kallas shares the incredible story behind the Voyager LED.

[Editor’s Note: Kaspar Kallas wrote this first person history of Digital Sputnik, with editing by NFS staff.]

My brother Kaur and I founded Digital Sputnik in 2007 as a post-production company, but I have lost the exact beginning of the company. I don’t even remember where I got the name from. We had recently bought an SI2K camera system and provided camera rental with finishing services to Estonian/British co-production Magnus, directed by Kadri Kõusaar, which premiered at the Cannes film festival that same year. From that point on, I knew we needed to do things differently.

It was imperative to own a camera and play with the footage to find workflows through numerous mistakes.

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