10 Great Dark Comedies From The 2000s You May Have Missed

By Mike Gray

For those that remember, the 2000s were a relatively dark and difficult decade: with terrorism on the rise, large wars on multiple fronts occurring across the globe, and a financial crisis that crippled economies across the globe, things were looking grim. And appropriately enough, in this environment this decade produced a number of pretty great dark comedies.

It seemed that audiences were ready for their comedy to reflect the increasingly awful circumstances they found the world in. And on this list, there are some films that go far beyond appropriate realms: demented children’s entertainers, psychopathic high school students, and likeable slashers are just some characters you’ll encounter in these dark comedies. And just like the decade, it ends with a grim film that’s a never-ending series of terrible events befalling a seemingly innocent character. You know, just like the decade itself did to all of us!

1. Nurse Betty (2000)


Soap opera-obsessed waitress Betty (Renee Zellweger) witnesses the brutal murder of her (unbeknownst to her) drug-dealing husband. This sends her into a fugue state in which she begins to believe the soap opera she watches, A Reason to Love, is her real life and she’s Nurse Betty on the show. She takes off in her dead husband’s car, which has a cache of drugs in it, to Hollywood, where through an improbable series of events ends up actually being an actress on the soap opera. But the hitmen–played by Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock–chase after her for the drugs, with Freeman’s character falling in love with Betty in the process.

This undeniably weird comedy mines a lot of humor from the traumatic state Betty finds herself in, while Zellweger’s straight performance as Betty has the effect of Peter Sellers as Chauncy Gardener in Being There, where Betty’s sincerity as → continue…

From:: Taste Of Cinema