Panther U-Bangi XY Allows for Shockingly Complex Camera Movement

By Charles Haine

A normal slider goes side-to-side, but the U-Bangi XY slider adds front-to-back for a nearly infinite combination of movements.

Fisher and Chapman is the lead North American dolly manufacturer. As a result, Panther has always been a dark horse over in Europe making cool, different, and often weird dollies and cranes that are beloved by a niche audience, however not in stock at every rental house. While Fisher and Chapman has mostly stayed out of the slider game, Panther has gone in whole-hog with the robust U-Bangi slider system, which the company has now revised to allow for two axes of movement.

Pricing has yet to be announced; U-Bangi is likely to be purchased by rental houses rather than owner/operators. However, the range of motion it opens up in complicated shots makes it something to keep in mind for upcoming shoots.

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From:: No Film School