Kudrone – A Tiny 4K Drone with a Tiny Price Tag

By Fabian Chaundy

Kudrone is a tiny drone going on Indiegogo for just over $100. It features 4K video capabilities and auto-follow via GPS.

Kudrone’s Indiegogo campaign funded by over 2400% is a testimony that there is still very much a market for barebones, inexpensive video-capable drones. That said, the tiny 85g Kudrone offers more than your basic Full HD video recording — its Sony CMOS sensor even goes up to 4K resolution, aiming to satisfy the needs of 4K-hungry YouTubers everywhere.

You can control the Kudrone via a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android, and which offers a touch-screen interface for flight and camera controls. A removable battery with an optional triple battery charger also makes the Kudrone quite attractive for longer shoots. And you will need it: a full charge gets you only 8 minutes of flight time.

While the Kudrone doesn’t offer the eye-catching gesture control of the DJI Spark, it is not completely incapable in the autonomous flight department. Kudrone claims auto-follow capabilities via GPS, and also sports a number of sensors such as intelligent vision and sonar to allow you to get stable aerial shots indoors.

Unfortunately, while the Kudrone product page indicates resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 2.7K and 4K, there is no mention of available frame rates or bit rates, but at this price one can expect them to be quite limited. We hope that it’s good enough for Vlogging, or perhaps for real estate shooters.

The small drone market has certainly been dominated by DJI in recent times, with the release of both the DJI Mavic Pro and the even smaller DJI Spark. Although a lot more affordable than DJI’s larger products, the price of → continue…

From:: Cinema 5d