‘Okja’: Bong Joon-Ho Had ‘No Restrictions’ Making His Miyazaki-Inspired Movie for Netflix

By Emily Buder

At Cannes, ‘Snowpiercer’ director Bong Joon-Ho sings the praises of production with Netflix.

In a moment of near-perfect irony, the screen shut down midway through the opening sequence at the Cannes premiere of Bong Joon-Ho’s Netflix film Okja. As is par for the course at the festival, there were cheers and boos in the audience. Many wondered if this was a deliberate attempt to sabotage one of Netflix’s two Cannes films in competition this year—a programming decision which has generated controversy among critics and was yesterday denounced by Jury President Pedro Almodóvar. After all, these screenings might be the only chance for audiences to see Okja in theaters; it premieres exclusively on the streaming platform June 28.

Okja is somewhere between Pixar and Miyazaki.

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