Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Sadistic’ List of Top Ten Film Pairings and Where You Can Watch Them

By Jon Fusco

See if you can trace these classic films influences throughout the visual director’s career.

Guillermo Del Toro hardly does anything normal. So when it was his turn to step up to the plate for Criterion Collection’s Top 10 list, it’s not hard to believe he went about it in a slightly unconventional way.

First off, he labeled the whole experience an “unfair, arbitrary, and sadistic top ten practice,” and it proved extremely difficult for him to limit his choices to only ten films that helped to influence his storied career. In fact, we’d say it’s hard to pinpoint any single director’s influence on the extremely original work of Del Toro. So instead of crediting any movie or director, he decided to list his twenty choices as “thematic/authorial pairings.”

Most of the films can be found on FilmStruck, as they have much of Criterion’s library available for subscribers. Check out the full list and snippets of Del Toro’s commentary on how they thematically influenced his films below.

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