Forum Post – audio recorder and dual lav mics

By Kim Welch – Publisher

Forum Post – audio recorder and dual lav mics


so I’ve been looking into buying a sound recorder and was wondering if a cheap one is sufficient.. like this:
( Amazon Link to cheap dictation recorder )

or is it better to go for the Zoom H1. I’ve used the H1 before and the quality is perfect. Only downside I see is the micro SD card.

From what I understand, there’s not really a way to record 2 mics simultaneously (like 2 people interview) via 3,5 jack right ?

So I’d actually need to get 2 sets of lav mic systems and go through XLR and something like the Zoom H4N.

I guess with lav mics, the Sennheiser ew100 g2 / g3 is the standard – but why are they so crazy expensive ??
No way I’d be able to get two..

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