GoPro Debuts Final Version of VR Player 2.3 With Major Changes

By Al Caudullo


GoPro today dropped the final version of its mainstay 360 VR player, version 2.3. The new player has quite a list of new features. GoPro continues to upgrade and improve its trove of VR products.

Below is the release from the website.

GoPro VR Player 2.3

Today we are happy to publish the final version of GoPro VR Player 2.3!
This new update brings a couple new features and some bug fixes.

What’s new?

Menu Bar

A brand new menu bar with all sorts of useful options and settings has been added. The keyboard shortcuts are also visible in the menu bar.

Facebook 360 video as input

Many customers wanted the support of Facebook 360 3:2 cubemap videos in GoPro VR Player. This is now possible with this new release.

Loop toggle

We’ve added a loop toggle to change the way a playlist or a file is looped. You can loop a playlist, a single file or deactivate the loop.

Add some momentum to direction change

With this new release, pan and keypress actions add some momentum to direction change. This option can be deactivated in the General settings.

Extract a print of the viewport to best quality

A new print screen option is now available and called “Print Screen HQ”.
With Ctrl+Alt+P or → continue…

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