Harmony Korine Channels Nicolas Winding Refn in New Under Armour Ad

By Emily Buder

Harmony Korine’s new Under Armour ad builds upon his Spring Breakers aesthetic—but adds Stephen Curry into the mix.

Before Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine dealt in grit rather than flash. The director, who wrote Kids after Larry Clark discovered him skateboarding in Washington Square Park, built his career exploring America’s underbelly, from the wayward residents of a destitute Ohio town (Gummo) to a group of sociopathic elderly people (Trash Humpers) to a schizophrenic living amidst a perverse and dysfunctional family (Julien Donkey-Boy). With Spring Breakers, Korine ventured into flashier territory, trading grain and unconventional leads for neon lights and beautiful people.

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Want a New Camera Bag That’s Cheap Yet Durable? Check Army Surplus

By Guest Author


Are you in need of a new camera bag, but you’re on a budget and still want something durable? An army surplus store may be your answer.

I’ve been wanting a new camera bag for a while but there’s so many options out there. I was previously using a Lowepro Passport Sling III, which I like, but I wanted something more compact.

Then I found this bag at an army surplus store online. It’s a Finnish Army gas mask bag.


It was a little under $14 shipped from a store called Keep Shooting.


The bag easily holds my 70-200mm and has small pouches that I can put my SD cards and batteries in. It’s a great little walk-around bag.


To protect my lenses, I have pouches that I keep them in when they’re not being used.

Two of the benefits to a bag like this is that military issued gear is typically extremely durable and it also doesn’t scream “steal me!” like a bag from Ona or a recognizable brand like Lowepro or ThinkTank.

So if you’re in the market for a cheap, durable, and inconspicuous camera bag, check out one of the many army surplus stores out there: you might just find the perfect bag for your needs.

About the author: Dave Bischoff is a documentary photographer. You can find more of his work on Instagram at @dave.bischoff.


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Art Criste, Rental Manager at Clairmont

By Jon Fauer Art Criste has joined Clairmont Camera Hollywood as the new Rental Manager. Art has worked for more than 25 years in the motion picture industry. He was a freelance 1st AC and then camera operator. He filmed Superbowls XXXI to present for NFL Films and Ultimate Pictures. Art also was an Associate Producer, Production Manager and Rental Manager — in other words, he has lots of industry experience. At Clairmont, Art will handle equipment scheduling and coordination between clients and additional offices, take care of client services, and more. read more… continue…

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VITEC to Demonstrate Streaming Solutions at SATIS

By Staff

VITEC, a company that specializes in advanced video encoding, decoding, and streaming, will highlight its PX Media Library, EZ TV IPTV Solution, and complete line of award-winning portable encoder and decoder appliances at SATIS 2016 in stand 3-E33 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from Nov. 15-17. “At this year’s SATIS, we will demonstrate […]

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More Than An Image: Three Short Films About the Power of Photography

By Michael Zhang


“More Than An Image” is a new series of 3 short films about 3 photographers. Produced by Wex Photographic in the UK, the videos discuss the power of photography and what it means to each of the photographers.

Here are the 3 films, which each run between 4 and 5 minutes:

Giles Duley

“For documentary photographer Giles Duley, photography means storytelling, activism and identity. Having spent much of his recent career documenting the lives of refugees affected by conflict in the Middle East, Giles relies on the power of photography to present unique stories capable of delivering real change.”

Daniel Regan

“For photographer Daniel Regan, it means therapy, recovery, escapism and a coping mechanism that has saved his life.”

Hannah Laycock

“For fine-art photographer Hannah Laycock, it means catharsis, normality, positivity and a way to cope with and explore her multiple sclerosis.”


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Fun Flowchart Helps You Find the Style of Photography That’s Right for You

By DL Cade


Not sure what style of photography is right for you? No worries. Photographer Blake Andrews put together a fun, tongue-in-cheek flowchart that’ll help you figure it out.

Make no mistake, this chart is comprehensive; it takes everything into consideration. Are you agoraphobic, a “bleeding-heart” activist, or a control freak? Do you have unresolved childhood issues? What about your wardrobe, do you wear a photo vest and fedora, or carry around a light meter?

All of these questions and more will help you go from Start to the photography style that suits you best. Click on the image for high res:

We never though “belly button morphology” and “favorite superfriend” would help us figure out our ideal photographic genre, but hey, what do we know? Work your way through the flowchart above, and then let us know what your matching style of photography ends up being.

Image credits: Flowchart by Blake Andrews and shared with permission.


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LG V20 owners report fragile, easily cracked camera glass

Numerous reports have surfaced from LG V20 owners claiming that the glass covering the smartphone’s rear camera is easily shattered. In some cases, the glass reportedly breaks without any direct impacts, leading some to speculate that the LEDs may be the cause. Some users report receiving a new phone with glass that’s already cracked, while others indicate it cracks after only several hours or days of use.

In addition to user reports on Reddit, smartphone durability tester ‘JerryRigEverything‘ experienced the same issue. The glass camera covering is shown shattering in the video below a few moments after he rubs it with a pick to test its durability against scratches. LG has not issued a comment on the reported issue. For now, users are advised to keep the protective film covering on the camera glass in an effort to avoid cracks.

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Samurai Sharpen Wants to Bring Out the Detail in Your Footage

By Charles Haine

The new Samurai Sharpen plugin for Premiere, After Effects, and FCP-X helps filmmakers bring sophisticated sharpening to their projects with the fewest artifacts possible.

Digital sharpening gets a bad wrap, primarily since most built-in software tools are very blunt instruments. If you’ve ever put a sharpen filter on slightly soft footage and turned the control sliders just slightly too far, most digital video falls apart quickly, with artifacts and aliasing destroying any benefits the sharpening. Combine this with the fact that many filmmakers find digital too sharp to begin with—which they fight against with a variety of in-camera and post-production filters—and sharpening is often neglected as a useable tool.

They key to making sharpening useful is control. If you have a slightly out of focus closeup, a touch of sharpening on the eyes can save the shot. But if it’s pushed too far, imperfections in the skin around the eyes get sharpened and exaggerated, making the shot less flattering.

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Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 looks a whole lot like the Samsung Note 7

Xiaomi has today launched the Mi Note 2, a device looks a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, the production of which was ceased after repeated incidents of exploding batteries, and could neatly fill the gap in the market that was left by the Samsung device.

Like the Note 7, the Mi Note 2 offers top-end specs all-around. In the camera department a 22.46MP 1/2.6″ Sony IMX318 Exmor sensor is coupled with a six-element lens, F2.0 aperture and on-sensor phase detection. There is an electronic stabilization system for video shooting but the camera has to make do without optical stabilization. On the plus side there is a low-light mode, which presumably uses image-stacking for lower noise and better detail, and a long-exposure mode. At the front the 8MP camera uses Sony’s IMX268 sensor and comes with autofocus, an F2.0 aperture and Xiaomi’s Beautify 3.0 selfie mode.

Another highlight of the new device is its curved 5.7″ AMOLED display with extremely thin bezels and 1080p Full-HD resolution. It means the Mi Note 2’s screen-to-body ratio is an impressively high 77.2%. Processing power is provided by by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821 SoC which comes in combination with either 6GB RAM and 128GB storage or 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Sound is optimized through a 24-bit / 192kHZ DAC and a large 4070 mAh battery that supports Quick Charge 3.0. should make sure you hardly ever run out of juice.

The global version of the 6GB RAM/128GB storage option will be available for approximately $520 while the lower specced variant will set you back $415. No details on geographic availability have been provided yet.


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This 10Kx4K Panoramic Timelapse Was Shot with 2 DSLRs at the Same Time

By DL Cade


Shooting a panoramic timelapse sounds simple enough: just sync two cameras and start shooting, right? Not quite. In fact, the photographer who shot this amazing 10K by 4K panoramic timelapse of LA calls it the most challenging project he’s ever worked on.

The creation above took 2 years from start to finish, as Joe Capra of Scientifantastic (previously) ran into and overcame each challenge in turn. The first, of course, was the gear.

It took a double helping of cameras and lenses, plus some custom-built goodies, to achieve the results he needed. Two 5D Mark IIIs, a custom-built rail system, a custom-built intervalometer, a Ramper Pro, and two Canon 24-70mm, 24-105mm, and 70-200mm lenses.

But the gear is just the start. Using two cameras at the same time leads to all sorts of problems—from alignment, to focus, to proper triggering. And just when you think you’ve got everything all set up, you look at the final shots and realize that you’ve got to deal with one set of problems for one half of the frame, and an entirely different set on the other.

First, there’s the aperture flickering.

“The cameras don’t flicker at the same time and same rate,” Joe tells PetaPixel. “So when you look at you shot in post the two different sides of the pano frame are flickering differently.” He had to deflicker each frame in post individually, then stitch.


Then, there’s stabilization.

“The rig I built was very solid, however sometimes the cameras would move independently during the shot, especially when using long lenses,” he tells us. “The result of this was similar to the flicker problem… one half of the frame would continue…

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Sharpening Your Photographic Mind: The 2 Types of Photographers

By Guest Author


Something is off in our modern photographic culture. We’ve lost something. Something… big.

As a professional photographer, and also a consultant on issues of management and strategy for organizations, I often sensed a connection between my two types of work. And yet, when I would read and research between them, they seemed to be worlds apart.

On the management side, when I would work with any group—from large organizations, to small entrepreneurs, to their boards and investors—it seemed there was no sense of taste and aesthetics at play. Considering the idea of composition in, say, giving an investor presentation would get you laughed out of a room. That was considered the “soft” stuff, more for marketing departments or “creative types”.

And conversely in the photographic world, the vast majority of content created appears to be stuff that belongs on gear blogs. It is material for technologists, but seems to value the more subtle aspects of human connection less and less. It is not built on a sense of curiosity or discovery of the world, and in fact, it is even becoming a common statement that “photography is dying—everything has been shot before!”

This type of tearing pressure sat wrong with me, because as I would work to read and research deeper and deeper into these two fields, I would feel a sharp fork in the intellectual pursuits between them. You had to choose which path to go down, leaving one to follow the other. And yet, that isn’t at all what I felt when I first felt the passion that motivated me to attend photo school.


Two Notebooks Diverged in a Wood

As a demonstration of this, I often keep small notebooks on me. For the last 10 continue…

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PLUG: A Battery Pack That Puts Two AC Wall Outlets in Your Camera Bag

By Michael Zhang


After the success of its Portable Power Outlet, ChargeTech is taking portable battery packs to the next level with its latest product. Called PLUG, it’s being touted as “the world’s most powerful battery pack.”

PLUG is a high-capacity battery pack that photographers can use to bring two AC wall outlets with them on the go — the original Portable Power Outlet only had one outlet. Measuring 1.6×5.6×8.6 inches, PLUG is small enough to slip into many camera bags.


In addition to the 2 AC outlets, the body of the PLUG features an on/off switch, 2 USB charging ports, a USB Type C port, an LED display, and LED power indicator lights.


On the power front, PLUG’s specs are 250 Watts and 48,000 mAh, so you can power pretty much any gadget for a good amount of time. When fully juiced, PLUG can recharge 2 laptops, 28 phones, or 30 DSLRs. With pass through charging, devices connected to PLUG can be charged at the same time PLUG is getting recharged from the wall.


ChargeTech says that one possible use case for the PLUG is to power your on-location photo shoots with off-camera lighting.


In addition to using a wall outlet, you can also recharge PLUG with dedicated solar panels in 8 hours, allowing you to work off the grid for an extended period of time.

<img src="http://petapixel.com/assets/uploads/2016/10/Copy-of-PLUG-IMG_5253_Edited-700×700.jpg" alt="copy-of-plug-img_5253_edited" continue…

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Luminar, a new photo editor for Mac

By Jose Antunes

With the launch scheduled for November 17 and pre-order starting on November 2, Luminar comes from the same people that made Aurora HDR and other apps: Macphun Software. Macphun photography software is made for Mac only. The creators, based in California, believe this focus ensures they deliver the best user experience possible to their customers.

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Two Pro Sports Photographers Trade In Their DSLRs for 0.3MP Kiddy Cams

By DL Cade


Sports photography is one of the most demanding genres when it comes to the gear you use. So what happens when you invite two pro sports photographers to a skate park, take away their DSLRs, and give them a couple of 0.3MP kiddy action cams instead? Let’s find out!

You guessed right, it’s another episode of DigitalRev TV‘s Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge, except this time it’s double the trouble. Two professional sports photographers, two professional skateboarders, and two $40 VTech “KidiZoom” Action Cameras with built-in games and a whopping 0.3MP of resolution.

The victims photographers this time around are Joel Marklund and Marcel Laemmerhirt, who have shot everything from the Olympics to Red Bull campaigns. But can their skill overcome the challenge of a camera with a hidden 0.5 second shutter lag and a too-long lens, and light that’s fading faster than they can take advantage of it?

As usual, the answer is mostly yes. They shot some beautiful frames thanks to creative composition, brilliant use of light, and the determination to try again and again when the timing wasn’t working out. You can see a few of the resulting shots below, and the rest in the video up top:





The problem, as you can probably already tell, is that no amount of good framing or continue…

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6 Ways You Can Start Promoting Your Film Today

By Guest Author

Here’s a primer on some basic ways to be your own film’s best advocate.

[Editor’s Note: This post was written by Mark Johnson from The School of Communication Arts, a vocational college based in Brixton, UK specializing in providing all the training needed to transition into advertising & creative industries.]

We all know that indie filmmakers wear many hats. You might be directing and shooting and writing and lighting and doing a lot of the leg work for your own productions. But another responsibility—one that is almost equally important but can easily fall by the wayside amid all these tasks—is marketing, which should be done early and often to make all the other efforts worthwhile.

“An engaging trailer can be worth a thousand promotional tweets.”

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