Artists Recreate 4 Lost Masterpieces Using Only Adobe Stock Photos

By DL Cade


In a bid to show off the potential behind their stock photography collection, Adobe asked four digital artists to do something pretty incredible. They were asked to recreate four lost or stolen art masterpieces… using only Adobe Stock imagery. Ready? GO!

The four artists were Karla Cordova, Jean-Charles Debroize, Mike Campau, and Ankur Patar, all talented members of the Behance community. Cordova was assigned Frida Kahlo’s The Wounded Table, Debroize was given Caravaggio’s Saint Matthew and the Angel, Campau took on Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Cathedral Towering Over a Town, and Patar was challenged to recreate Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

These are not simple recreations; each took hours upon hours of work and hundreds of stock photos that were altered, manipulated, warped, and otherwise magicked into the right shape, color, and texture. Here is Patar, walking you through his Rembrandt recreation (with a few plugs for Adobe Stock thrown in, of course):

The ad campaign and associated website was created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, who are being careful not to offend any art lovers in the process.

“No one can truly replace these lost paintings,” GSP associate partner and creative director Will Elliott told Adweek. “But by faithfully re-creating them with Adobe Stock, we can remember them again and reshape what the world thinks about stock photography in the process”

You can watch all four recreations as “Make a Masterpiece” timelapses below:

To learn more about this creative campaign, check out the Make a Masterpiece website by clicking here.

(via Adweek)


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1200 Rolls of Unprocessed Film Found, Shot by One 1950s Photographer

By Michael Zhang

INDIEGOGO MASTER.00_00_56_08.Still006

About a year ago, Levi Bettwieser of the Rescued Film Project won about 20 auctions for the undeveloped work of a 1950s photographer. What he received was 66 bundles of film containing a staggering 1,200 unprocessed rolls.

All Bettwieser knows about the photographer is that his name was Paul and that he was a steel worker. He was also meticulous about documenting his photography: the rolls are labeled by camera used, light modifiers, details about the photos, and other hand-scribbled notes (some legible, others not so much).



INDIEGOGO MASTER.00_00_45_18.Still004

It took 10 volunteers 6 hours to unpack and catalog 22 of the 66 bundles.

INDIEGOGO MASTER.00_02_04_04.Still011

INDIEGOGO MASTER.00_01_39_11.Still010

INDIEGOGO MASTER.00_01_22_06.Still009

Due to the sheer quantity of rolls and photos, Bettwieser is turning to crowdfunding to try and have this photographer’s work unpacked, documented, processed, and shared with the world after over half a century.

“I’m asking for your help because this is way more film than I can process myself,” Bettwieser writes. “This film was shot in the 1950s, and every day it goes unprocessed, it deteriorates a little more.”

Here are some photos from one roll that was developed and scanned:

Paul 1 002

Paul 1 004

<img src="×700.jpg" alt="Paul continue…

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Fujifilm launches Instax SP-2 with faster printing speeds

Fujifilm has announced a new and improved version of its Instax printer. The SP-2 follows on the SP-1 and comes with improved Wi-Fi connectivity and faster printing speeds, producing a print in 10 seconds rather than the previously required 16 seconds. Fujifilm says the SP-2 is also quieter than its predecessor. It prints a card-sized format at a 800 x 600 resolution and 320 dpi and uses 256 levels per color. The battery is charged via a microUSB port and the printer supports JPEG and PNG files.

Fujifilm has also improved the accompanying SHARE app which is available for iOS and Android devices and now comes with custom filters as well as collage and split templates. It also allows for image transfer from social networks and the overlay of geographic and climate information onto your printed image.

The Fujifilm SP-2 printer comes in Silver or Gold body colors and will start shipping in mid-July. The printer is priced at $200 and the Instax Mini film that is used as printing media will set you back $20 per pack of 20 sheets. More information is available on the Fujifilm website.


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How to ‘Make It’ as a Photographer

By DL Cade

It’s probably the most asked question that anybody with a modicum of photographic success gets asked: “How do I make it as a photographer?” In many ways an impossible question, photographer and educator Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography tackles it beautifully in this inspirational and educational video.

The problem with the question is that it may very well be the wrong question: there is, of course, no one way to become a successful photographer. To make matters worse, most people asking the question are hoping for a “magic” tip or trick or technique that will guarantee success, and will simply glaze over 2 minutes into this video.

That being said, try not to glaze over, because Forbes offers a plethora of wonderful advice—ranging from the motivational to the practical—in the video above. And while none of what he says is a “magic” tip or trick or technique, all of it will help point you and prod you in the right direction.


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Car Crashes and Comedy: Actionable Tips from The Nice Guys

By Michael Maher Break down the production of The Nice Guys and learn some great set tips on shooting car conversations, car crashes, and lighting a fire. continue…

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The Stock Photo Model Whose Face is Everywhere

By Michael Zhang


Rebecca Ariane Givens. You may not have heard her name before, but there’s a very good chance you’ve seen her face. She’s one of the most popular models for stock photography, and her pictures have been used all across the world for all kinds of purposes.

To see how ubiquitous Givens’ face has become, check out the 1-minute video above by Maayan Migdal. He gathered together hundreds of advertisements starring “Ariane,” as she’s known, aligning the faces to create a mesmerizing flow of photos.

Even though her face is recognized around the world, Givens is a relatively private person who gives few interviews. The part-time model and part-time blogger and health coach did give an interview with Top Model Advice last year.

Givens says she wasn’t happy with the Internet dubbing her “The Overexposed Model” when her stock photos went viral a few years back. Some of her stock modeling contracts also required her to remain quiet about herself for years.

“I never thought I’d become a model,” Givens tells TMA. “I met a photographer who was shooting stock, and he asked if he could shoot me, so I said yes. Once money started coming in, I realized that it’s a relatively easy way to supplement my income. We do a lot of shooting while I’m doing my normal routine – things I’d be doing anyway.”

Givens believes that her stock photos have become so popular because she has a nice and “racially-ambiguous look,” a quality that’s perfect for brands that want to appeal to a wide demographic.

As Givens continues to pose for stock photos and as her images continue to be widely used, continue…

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Exploring the Iconic Buzludzha Communist Building in Bulgaria

By Roman Robroek


Exploring the former house-monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party is one of the most exciting explorations I have ever done.

The building is located on the peak of ‘Mount Buzludzha’ at an altitude of 1,432 meters. The photos in this post are shot about halfway through December of 2015, during winter, and it was very cold. I flew from Dortmund (Germany) to Sofia (Bulgaria) and spent a couple of days in this country, specifically to explore abandoned buildings.

Despite visiting other amazing abandoned locations on this trip—like a theatre and chapel—the Buzludzha building was by far the highlight of my tour and even my whole year. Visiting it had been on my wish-list for such a long time, and 2015 was the year to make it happen.


Exploring Buzludzha

The third day of the trip was scheduled to be the Buzludzha day, and I couldn’t wait for it. I arrived at the hotel in Shipka just before it was getting dark and was welcomed by a lovely old lady that did not speak a word of English or German.

She phoned the owners, who fortunately did speak English, and they assured me they’d be there very soon. I was allowed to enter my room while waiting and took a nap, followed by a quick look around the town. When I arrived back at the hotel to have dinner, the owners were waiting. Over dinner, they shared interesting facts about the Buzludzha building and told me their thoughts about communism in general.

After a good (if too short) night’s sleep, it was time to leave so we could catch the sunrise from within the Buzludzha building. When we arrived at the building, I was amazed by the sheer size of it. continue…

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How to Make a 30 for 30 Style Documentary

By Jourdan Aldredge What if I told you that the most popular sports documentary franchise follows a formula and style that is as instantly recognizable as it easily recreatable? continue…

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Fuji Reveals Much-Improved Portable Instant Printer for Smartphone Snaps

By DL Cade


Fuji’s first SP-1 Instax printer made a bit of a stir when it was unveiled back in January of 2014. A portable, Wi-Fi enabled instant printer, it made printing your smartphone photos practical and fun. With the brand new SP-2, Fuji promises to make that experience even better.

The Instax Share SP-2 is everything you’d expect from an upgrade to the SP-1: sleeker, quieter, and boasting several more features than its predecessor. But most notably, it’s also faster. Where the SP-1 took 16 seconds to print each of your Instax Mini prints, the SP-2 cuts that down to just 10.


Other feature improvements include faster Wi-Fi and a host of new creative possibilities like photo editing—brightness, contrast, and saturation are all adjustable using “custom filter”—and the ability to print collages of 2-4 photos on a single print. The reverse is also possible, splitting a single photo onto 2 prints.

Finally, Fuji is also boasting about their redesigned SHARE app, which features a new user interface, fresh creative filters, and easier navigation. The new app is already available for both iOS and Android users.


The snappier SP-2 is available in two colors—silver and gold—and will ship beginning in mid-July for $200 (the same price as the SP-1 at launch). The Instax Mini film it uses sells for $20 per 20-exposures.

To learn more about the SP-2, click here.


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