Panasonic l’aggiornamento Firmware per LUMIX GH5, GH5S e G9 sarà rilasciato il 30 maggio !

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Panasonic ha programmato il rilascio degli aggiornamenti del firmware per il 30 maggio per i modelli GH5, GH5S e G9, → continue…

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What’s On Your Phone? Chuck Inouye

By philcooke

From time to time, I’m going to start asking different influencers what apps they have on their phone’s home page, → continue…

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Sony Venice LUT.

By alisterchapman

Sony’s new Rec-709 style LUT for the Venice camera is now available. This Lut was designed to work with the → continue…


Three Sensors Being Tested for Canon Full Frame Mirrorless? [CR1]

By Canon Rumors It’s no secret that Canon is hard at work on prosumer mirrorless cameras, including at least one full frame mirrorless → continue…

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How to Distribute Your Short Film in Today’s Online Marketplace

By Rachel Wilson Here is some insight into finding the right home for your short film or video content in today’s online distribution → continue…

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ZEISS Supreme Cinema Primes Announced – Large Format Continues to Grow

By Tim Fok

ZEISS has announced a new set of Cinema Primes suitable for the Large Sensor Format. The ZEISS Supreme Prime Lens → continue…

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ZEISS announces Supreme Prime Lenses for Large-Format

By Newsshooter

Zeiss has announced the new Supreme Prime line of lenses for sensors full frame and larger like the new Alexa → continue…

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Six great tips for lighting on a very low budget

Il telefono di Red Hydrogen One avrà una videocamera 8K 3D

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I questi giorni alcuni fortunati hanno potuto mettere le mani su un primo prototipo di Hydrogen One, il primo smartphone → continue…

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Sony Tidbits…

By SonyAlpha Admin

SONY a7 III vs NIKON D750 vs CANON 6D Mark II: Which To Buy Full list of todays Gold Box → continue…

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Fujifilm X-T100 offers large EVF and phase-detect AF for $600

Fujifilm has announced its latest X-series camera, the X-T100. The camera takes the innards of the entry-level X-A5, including its → continue…

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Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok Adaptors for the Sony FS5

By Newsshooter

Hawk-Woods has released a new Mini V-Lok camera mount plate for the Sony FS5 & FS5 II, the VLM-FS5. These → continue…

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10 Great 2018 Movies You May Have Missed

By Dustin Hull

There have been plenty of pre-summer blockbusters worth noting, and several more will come over the next few months. Meanwhile, → continue…

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10 Movies From The 21st Century That Already Earned Cult Status

By Caio Coletti

A “cult movie” isn’t exactly something easy to define. To achieve cult status, a film should have some degree of → continue…

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Leaked Panasonic firmware update is made official

Panasonic had been planning on a May 30th announcement and release of firmware updates for → continue…

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