Canon EOS RP review in progress

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The Canon EOS RP is among the smallest and lightest full-frame cameras on the market, and is the least expensive full-frame camera at launch, ever. ⟳ continue…

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By Vincent Frei

Excellent new trailer for this Hong Kong sci-fi movie, WARRIORS OF FUTURE!

The VFX are made by:
Main Road Post

Director: Yuen Fai Ng
Release Date: 2019

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DXOMark test the Canon EOS R image sensor, scores it at 89

By Canon Rumors DXOMark has released their review of the Canon EOS R image sensor. I’ve never really put much stock in the testing at DXOMark, but there … ⟳ continue…

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Lentequip SafeTap Connector Review

By Matthew Allard ACS

The Lentequip Safetap Connector is one of those products that really shouldn’t need to exist, but I’m glad it does. The Safetap Connector reinvents the P-tap (or sometimes called D-tap), a power connector that a lot of shooters use. What makes it different from a regular P-tap? What Lentequip have ⟳ continue…

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Gear Roundup: The Top Three Audio Recorders Under $300

By Logan Baker Good audio can make a good video better. Bad audio can make a good video unwatchable. But you don’t have to break the bank to get clean … ⟳ continue…

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Canon EOS Rebel SL2/200D replacement next from Canon?

By Canon Rumors Nokishita is reporting that the next body from Canon will be a replacement for the EOS Rebel SL2/200D, which was announced in June of 2017. … ⟳ continue…

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New firmware update for the Sony A6000 improves AF stability

By SonyAlpha Admin

Download it here: Benefits and Improvements from the latest update: Improves stability of the AF operation

The post New firmware update for the Sony A6000 improves AF stability appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

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RED Ranger starts shipping to Authorised Rental Houses

By Newsshooter

The RED Ranger is an all-in-one camera system built around the 8K Monstro sensor that was announced a few months back in January 2019. The interesting thing was that it wouldn’t be available to end users but only authorized RED rental houses. Unlike the rest of the DSMC2 camera bodies, ⟳ continue…

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Ikan ONYX Digital Color LED 1 X 2 Soft Light W/Tune-able RGB Color Control

By Matthew Allard ACS

The Ikan Onyx Digital Color LED 1 X 2 Soft Light is an RGBWA panel that has five color modes. The RGBWA Mode allows you to control Red, Green, Blue, LEDs independently. This allows the user to create a vast amount of colors. According to Ikan, the amber and white ⟳ continue…

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Rashomon | How to Make an Art Film + Solution to the Mystery

By Sareesh Sudhakaran Why is Rashomon the ultimate art film? And what really happened that afternoon – with clues from Kurosawa! ⟳ continue…

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KitSplit Plus – Streamlining Large Rentals

By Newsshooter

Online camera rental marketplace KitSplit has announced KitSplit Plus, a new program which aims to streamline the rental process for larger productions. While it’s easy enough to rent a few items for a small shoot, once you venture into a larger production the list of equipment needed can get quite ⟳ continue…

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If you want a good showreel, make a really short film

By (Phil Rhodes)

If you want a good showreel, make a really short film

Commercials are typically thirty seconds in length, at best. So why, when people shoot short films more or less specifically to promote themselves, do they typically aim for five, ten, or even fifteen-minute productions?

  • Short films
  • Film production
  • commercials

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    NAB 2019 Show Preview

    By Jon Fauer

    The 2019 NAB Show exhibits will be open from April 8-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center with many product announcements, a greater focus on cinema and a new area in Central Hall called Cine Central. read more… ⟳ continue…

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    The Secret of Making an Impact

    By philcooke

    It’s no secret that reaching an audience in today’s distracted and disrupted world is a real challenge. Although we have more channels for reaching them than ever before, those very channels slice up the audience, making it more difficult than ever to make an impact. As a result, when leaders ⟳ continue…

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    Taste Matters: Jameson Parker on What Producers Want to See

    By Jo Light

    Jameson Parker, director of development at Brightlight Pictures, gave inside advice to aspiring filmmakers at SXSW.

    Parker appeared this year at SXSW as a mentor to producers, giving attendees 15 minutes of valuable face time. But first, he sat down with No Film School to talk about his background as an ⟳ continue…

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