NAB 2016: TV Logic’s new 24″ 4K grading monitor

By Elliot Smith Most professional 4K monitors for grading have been eye-wateringly expensive until now, meaning it’s often made sense to use a TV set as an output monitor if you’re not made… continue…

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LEDs and the power to (battery) weight ratio

By (Phil Rhodes)

Aputure's panels work well, but they're not intended to replace big HMIs

Watt’s up: Why you can still only get a certain amount of brightness from a battery you can carry on your back whatever you’re using.

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  • LED
  • HMI
  • HMI Lighting
  • Battery
  • watts
  • Fluorescent Light


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    The 10 Best Scenes in The Movies of Brian De Palma

    By David Zou

    best brian de palma scenes

    Suspense is the scene-by-scene concentration of Aristotle’s Fear and Pity. We know something terrible is about to happen, we can’t do anything about it, but we’re compelled to keep watching. Suspense, being heightened drama, is a central and cathartic component of the thriller.

    Brian De Palma began making films in the sixties, under the influence of Brecht, Hitchcock, Godard, pop music and political paranoia. He’s had long-standing partnerships with editors Paul Hirsch and Bill Pankow, cinematographers Vilmos Zsigmond and Stephen H. Burum, and composer Pino Donaggio, all of whom have contributed enormously to his aesthetic.

    But as director, often writer and sometimes producer, the modern Master of Suspense remains his own brand. You always know when you’re watching a Brian De Palma film, and nobody else makes ’em quite like he does.

    A recurring motif in suspense, and De Palma’s in particular, is dead space – the kind of common, impersonal, usually public locale occupied by strangers in close proximity. Shopping malls, parks, elevators and escalators, train stations, motels – any of these might be a great place to meet a lover, or a maniac.

    Massive, devastating spoilers for every film.

    10. The Sundial in Raising Cain (1992)

    Raising Cain (1992)

    Before Nicolas Cage there was John Lithgow, whose own brand of “mega-acting” sets the tonal barometer for this demented, schlocky thriller. Raising Cain is a series of rugs being gleefully pulled out from under your feet by a filmmaker who has just made Bonfire of the Vanities and has nothing to lose. It’s brilliant.

    Lithgow has a ball playing a child-kidnapping madman whose evil twin is really a split personality, and whose dead father split personality is really his still-alive actual father, who’s also mad. Meanwhile Lithgow 1.0’s wife (Lolita Davidovich) has an affair with her old flame (Steven Bauer), a hunk continue…

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    Hired to Kill (1990) Arrow Video Blu-ray Review

    By Raul J. Vantassle


    “No man on earth could get him out of prison alive. Seven women did”.

    New from Arrow Video is the Blu-ray/DVD release of the mercenary action film Hired to Kill. It’s a fun romp that combines elements of the Dirty Dozen, Wild Geese and Chained Heat as the mercenary Frank Ryan (Brian Thompson) is hired by the businessman Thomas (George Kennedy) to free a rebel leader in the fictitious country of Cypra. It is ruled by the mad dictator Michael Bartos (Oliver Reed), who has bankrupted the country and commands secret death squads executing potential rebels.

    The only way that Ryan can get into the country is to pose as a gay fashion designer who is bringing in a team of top models to promote his new fashion line. The models are all trained killers who had been imprisoned in various locations and are offered the job in exchange for their freedom.

    The picture isn’t trying to make any grand messages or win any awards; it was simply made for entertainment value. These were the type of movies that were popular at the time, action films that featured buff male actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. It only made sense that the smaller American studios and European production companies would make their own similar movies, expecting to make profits off of the video rentals.

    This one features all of the standard action tropes; there’s a muscle bound male lead anti-hero, tons of violence, nudity, explosions, action, gun battles, great one liners, and tons of clichés.

    The things that make this one stand out from some of the lesser quality outputs of the era are the excellent Greek locations and buildings, the homosexual subplot, the appearances from well known actors Kennedy and Reed, solid direction and nice camera angles from Nico Mastorakis, continue…

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    The Fire Proof, Hammer Proof, Jump Proof SmartSystem SmartSLIDER PRO

    By Vision Wrangler

    Fire Proof

    Oh deary me, this is one tough slider. The fire proof, hammer proof, jump the living daylights out of proof. Italian made SmartSystem SmartSLIDER Pro is tougher than nails. Try this at home or simply ask you preferred manufacturer to do it for you. Kessler, Cinvate, iFootage, we encourage… Nay challenge you to up the […] continue…

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    The 10 Most Underrated Best Pictures of All Time

    By Josh and Vladimir

    underrated best pictures

    What makes a good Best Picture winner? Is it longevity? Initial box office and critical acclaim? Is it how well the movie represents the era from which it originated? Or simply how well the combined efforts of everyone involved utilized the tools of cinema?

    Having watched (and rewatched) all of the Best Picture winners, starting all the way back from 1927, the only thing we can say for certain is that the answer is subjective. So in ranking this list of the most underrated (or underappreciated today) Best Picture winners of all time we had to really think about what movies are seldom discussed or even viewed despite being some of the best of their respective years.

    This is a list meant to celebrate the achievements of films that are typically swept aside, at times even by ardent cineastes. In some instances, the choice was obvious; we researched ranked lists of all the Best Picture winners, coupled it with its general critical consensus, and finally compared it to the legacy that other movies released in the same year left behind. In others it took critically examining it on an almost micro-level in order to determine whether it really does warrant the reputation of ‘least deserving’ Best Picture winner of all time.

    Rest assured, not all of these are our favorite movies of their years, but the overall muted response they received over the course of time feels practically insulting. And just holding the title of Best Picture winner doesn’t make for a good movie; the Academy has gotten it oh-so wrong, so many times — Cimarron, Cavalcade, The Greatest Show on Earth, Gigi, Around the World in 80 Days and Dances with Wolves particularly deserve all the vitriol spewed their way.

    So while for some of the inclusions on this list we continue…

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    The Tastey SHOTOVER Company Profile Video

    By Vision Wrangler

    The Tastey SHOTOVER Company Profile Video

    Enjoy the glorious Shotover company profile video. SHOTOVER Company Profile from Shotover Camera Systems on Vimeo. See how the SHOTOVER family works and plays together to sustain a thriving environment where creativity and innovation are key. We also take a look back to see how the SHOTOVER product line came together and what the future […] continue…

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    A Look At The Honda Square VFX Breakdown

    By Vision Wrangler

    A Look At The Honda Square VFX Breakdown

    A quick look at the some of the VFX used oN the very popular Honda Square TVC from altvfx. Honda Square VFX Breakdown from altvfx on Vimeo. check out the behind the scenes work of the Alt team for Honda’s Square TVC. Honda Civic Coupe Square from altvfx on Vimeo. continue…

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    A Quick Grading Breakdown from Winfried Halberstadt

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    A Quick Grading Breakdown from Winfried Halberstadt

    Winfried Halberstadt with a quick look at grading done for a Facebook group group. Grading Breakdown from Winfried Halberstadt on Vimeo. Graded just for fun for the GRADEATHON Contest in Color Grading Central Facebook Group. All corrections done in FCPX with Color Finale, finished with a Neat Video mask on the talents . continue…

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