This Blade Runner inspired fan film shows us how awesome miniatures can be

The follow-up to Canon EOS-1D X Mark II may come in 2019 [CR2]

By Canon Rumors A lot of Canon’s DSLR lineup is becoming a bit long-in-the-tooth. Canon hasn’t announced a professional DSLR body since the → continue…

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10 Movie Masterpieces That Speak Directly To Your Soul

By Armin Haracic

The soul can be fed one of two ways; good cinema, and Deep Fried Oreos. Given how relying on Deep → continue…

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10 of The Most Disturbing Movies of All Time

By Marillie Damoulianou

“It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure,” Marquis de Sade had said. It isn’t definite that → continue…

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Senate Unanimously Pushes Through New Emergency Alert Guidelines

By Susan Ashworth Nearly a year after a false missile alert was issued across Hawaii, legislators have taken another step toward addressing the → continue…

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Over 50 per cent of global viewers stream content on their mobile weekly

By Jenny Priestley A new report says 51 per cent of global viewers are now streaming content via their mobile phone every week. → continue…

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Documentary Filmmaking 101: Effectively Researching Your Topic

By Tanner Shinnick Research and documentary filmmaking go hand-in-hand. So what resources can you use to find the most accurate information for your → continue…

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Video authenticity is a potentially huge problem to solve

Sony Tidbits…

By SonyAlpha Admin

Sony 8K sensor, H265, & UHS-III – Bringing it all together Full list of todays Gold Box deals at Amazon, → continue…

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Best Camera Support Device of 2018

By Matthew Allard ACS

2018 was a busy year (like every year) for gear releases. Here at Newsshooter, we saw and reviewed a lot → continue…

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10 Upcoming Movies That Will Very Likely Flop

By Matt Trzcinski

William Goldman famously said “In Hollywood, nobody knows anything. Nobody learns anything.” In honor of his passing, the bean counters → continue…

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Get Inspired by 2018’s Most Amazing Drone Photography

By Jo Light

This look at what’s happening in drone photography could open the creative door to how you approach using drones in → continue…

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Intel skips a generation with new Gen 11 “Sunny Cove” processors

RØDE PodMic – Podcast-Ready Dynamic Microphone

By Newsshooter

RØDE has just announced the PodMic, a podcast-ready dynamic end-address microphone. The mic was seen in the RØDECaster Pro launch → continue…

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How The “Home that Runs on Dunkin’” Got Its Jolt by ELEMENT Productions